So sorry I haven’t updated the website in soooo long. As many of you will know it has been an incredibly busy time for me both at home and work. Those of you that attend my classes have probably noticed how busy we are right now. The yoga studio has been a huge success and I owe that to you guys who come along each week and take part and make every day a worth while working experience for me. I truly appreciate the love and support you have shown me over the last few weeks. It has made a huge difference.

We are so busy I am actually turning new members away for the time being. This is unacceptable to me as I want anyone interested in Yoga to be taking part and there is no better place than with us at the simple yoga group. So with that in mind I am actively looking for a new teacher to take some classes and help me expand the business.

There are few people who have been coming to my classes for so long that they are just as knowledgeable as I am. I have spoken to a couple of them already but I am opening this out to interested parties. You must be experienced obviously and have flexible working hours. The new classes will likely be during week days and on the week ends. I will continue to do the night classes for the time being. So please come and see me if you are interested and we can discuss the role in more detail. Or send me an email here. Pay will be negotiable depending on experience and how much time you can give me. I truly believe we have the opportunity to grow this into a nationwide business and one day have a Simple Yoga class in every part of the country. That is my dream and anyone coming on board now maybe in for the ride on that journey.

Another reason I will need more hands on deck is that my wife is currently expecting! She is due very shortly, we are very excited and nervous. I will be taking some time off work for paternity leave in the next month or so. So I really need to get some people in either as volunteers or as staff to cover the classes while I am off. The last thing I want is to cancel any classes. We are too busy for that to happen and there would be too many disappointed people. No good!

I am also looking to introduce a diet class soon. It will be similar to weight watchers and basically be a weekly class where like minded people can come and motivate each other in their weight loss goals. We will have a weigh in to keep everyone motivated. If you are interested in this then please let me know asap as the class is filling up already and I haven’t even confirmed it’s going ahead yet!

In other news we are expecting a delivery of new mats and other equipment for the studio this week. I think it’s going to be on Thursday so if anyone wants to stop by on the afternoon and help me unpack it all then please feel free. There will be a cup of tea in it for you!

You may remember some months ago I told you I had started matched betting. I told a few people about it and briefly mentioned it on this blog. The last few months have been amazing. I joined a great group called Oddsmonkey (click here) and I have been making close to £1000 a month! Every penny I have made has gone into a savings account I am building up for the new baby. There is quite a lot of money in there now. Seriously guys if you aren’t on this yet you should be, it is bloody amazing. Sport is something we are obviously all passionate about and this is a way to enjoy it even more! I can only give the Oddsmonkey group a full thumbs up but you can read a full review on the link.

Finally I must say a massive congratulations to Mary-Anne who has just given birth to a baby girl. Amazingly she pretty much trained with us all the way to the end. She doesn’t have a name yet so maybe you guys can help her out there.

I can’t promise that I will keep this up to date over the next few weeks but any sudden changes to classes will be posted here so it is worth checking back. I have no intention of cancelling classes but everything is up in the air with the imminent arrival at the moment so I guess you can never say never.

Speak Soon.

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